Will I be picked up at the airport upon arrival?

Yes, you will be picked up if you’ll arrive on the dates that we’ve settled for picking up the volunteers. If you’ll arrive on a different date, we will send you information and directions about how to find us.

The price of the Pick up is 20 euros (payable on arrival). The pick up will be made only if there are a minimum of 10 volunteers.??


Can I arrive early?

Yes, it’s possible to arrive early,  and if you are going to arrive early we will save a place of resident for you until the project starts.


Can I leave the project a day earlier?

We do not recommend this option, but if you have a reason to do that you can leave the project, but from there you will be outside the responsibility of the Association.


When do I need to arrive in OUARZAZATE?

It’s preferable to arrive one day before the programme starts, that will allow you the chance to know more about the projects before you will be involved in.

For example: If the project begins on July 15 would you will have  to arrive on July 14 at the airport, so you can arrive to OUARZAZATE on day  15 (Ouarzazate is about 4-8 hours of principal airports).




Tell me more about the accommodation?

You will be staying with other volunteers in a house/school equipped with showers, mattresses and pillows but you have to bring your sheet. The meals, for the Work-camp will be Moroccan plates, cooked by a Moroccan woman and the volunteers will be responsible to clean their places and their clothes etc.

If you are a vegetarian, please indicate it in the registration.




Are there more expenses once I arrive?

The fees cover The accommodation, the courses of Arabic and the materials. If you will arrive early or intend to stay beyond the programme in Morocco, you will need to have additional money for that period. Other expenses are not covered by your fees such as your flights, travel insurance, the excursions, departure tax, and any personal spending.


How much do things in OUARZAZATE typically cost?

To give you an idea of the approximate costs of things in Ouarzazate, a coffee costs around 0.50 Eurocent, mineral water 5L/ 1 Euro, a restaurant meal 5 to 15 Euros, taxi 0.30 to 0.50 Eurocent, a visit to the doctor 10 Euros.

NB: these prices may change according to places and services.


How much do I need for personal expenses?

The amount of money you will need depends on your spending habits. We recommend around 50-100€ per week (it may be cheaper than this).


How much do the excursions will cost me?

It will cost around 100 to 120 Euros, this price include transport, hotel and meals ( For 3 days).


Can I use a credit card to get cash in Morocco?

Yes, you can withdraw cash at any ATM in Morocco.


Rgestration and fees


How much does each project cost?

The cost is 180 €, this including food, lodging/accommodation, project materials. Flight tickets, airport pickups, medical insurance and excursions are excluded from this amount.


Can I participate in two projects at the same time?

Yes. If they are in the same fortnight you will only have to pay one fee (320 €), however, if they are in different fortnights you will have to pay 180 € per project. This includes lodging, meals, and project materials.       


How do I pay my fees?

The payment can be done in the following ways:

Bank/Wire transfer


Any of the three payments options will be wiring the money to the A.V.E.C Association in Spain bank account. Once you have been selected to participate in the project we will be sending you more detailed information.



In case of medical emergencies, what type of medical care is available?

To perform to the best of their ability, being in a good health is necessary for any volunteer.

Be sure you already have insurance that will cover you for illness or injury sustained abroad or medical evacuation in the case of a life threatening emergency. If you do, make copies of the insurance certificates and other relevant documents and bring them with you.

General questions:


Do I need to speak Arabic to volunteer?

No, it´s not necessary. There will be translators to help you to communicate with children.


What about English?

Yes it is obligatory to ha

ve a minimal knowledge of English or French to communicate with the rest of Moroccan coordinators.


Are there any restrictions on photography in Morocco?

Yes. Due to cultural differences you must ask before you take a photo of a person in the street .also Photography in or near military bases, airports or similar locations is prohibited.


Do I need travel insurance?

As with any overseas travelling, insurance is recommended.


What is the attitude towards drugs in Morocco?

The use of illegal narcotics is strictly forbidden, and dealers and persons caught trafficking, whether Moroccan or foreigner, face execution. Don't risk it under any circumstances!