The association of voluntary and cultural exchange has been created in 2006, in order to

take part to the sustainable and fair development of our country, and especially of our area.

Basing itself on the long experience of its members, Association of voluntary and cultural

exchange is an association which has a good knowledge of the association and of their

functioning, and also of the volunteer work. The main members have been living in the area

where we are organizing work camps, we are thereby well informed about what the

population need. In our action, we pay attention to take into account the evolution of the

local situation and of the supervision of the volunteers.

Our union was built on a common observation: To consolidate social l inks is of paramount

importance. An important citizen action appears to be the best ways to achieve ours end,

with the help of volunteers from several countries. Whichever is the domain of the project,

which can be professional insertion, childhood, culture or environment; all the projects will

above all be supported and realized by the volunteers.

Thanks to the promotion for the volunteer work we did to several group of population

especially youth people, new volunteers are coming to help us every day, rounding to the

causes we share and because they have decided to take action, as far as they can according

to their possibilities, capacities and envy.

One of the most important goals of the Association of voluntary and cultural exchange is to

give the opportunity to the general public to discover the volunteer work, and to promote

the social and volunteer service.

This way, association of voluntary and cultural exchange is trying to emphasize the value of

this kind of work, and to create a link between professional carrier and social work.


Our missions:


Reception, training and integration of the volunteers in our work teams;

Construction of precise projects in collaboration with the concerned volunteers, so as to

work together with common and defined objectives;

Motivation and supervision of the volunteers which are involved in the various work camps;

To build and maintain a link between volunteers and staff, from the preparation before the

camp to the “after project”, so as to constitute a network and that the new volunteers will

take benefit from the previous ones;

Appreciation and valorization of the volunteer action done by the participants;

AVEC above all whishes to participate in the collective awareness of the world necessities,

as well as to help each of our volunteers to review its associative alignment.


Our objectives:


To take part in our country sustainable development and fair tourism;

To organize and supervise work camps, in partnership with concerned associations and


To promote meeting and sharing between the Moroccan youth people and foreigners

from several countries by means of international camps;

To strengthen the values of friendship, peace and solidarity between individuals and