Who can participate?

· has the minimum age of 18 years old.

· is strongly motivated to do volunteer work · wants to explore other cultures.

· is prepared to explain things about his/ her own culture.

· enjoys living in a group situation and is interested in getting to know different people.

· is not fussy and satisfied with simple accommodation.

· knows enough English to make herself/ himself understood in everyday situations since English is the common language for a workcamp.

· shares his/ her opinion but respects other opinions, too.

· helps to make the workcamp a good experience for everyone.



workcamps of AVEC are located in the region south-east of Morocco, the surrounding cities or villages of Ouarzazate city.



Most workcamps are running in summer (between June and End of August). Workcamps in winter and spring are quite rare. However, projects can be organised for individuals sach as teaching during the year round.


Volunteer's Responsibilities:

· Volunteers accomplish their volunteer work in a responsible way.

· Volunteers make their travel arrangements themselves.

· Volunteers get sufficient insurance coverage for their travel and stay abroad.

· Volunteers meet the requirements listed in the program-description of their workcamp.

· Volunteers play an active role in the community life.



Volunteers spend part of the day on working for the project chosen, besides work there is plenty of time for other activities. Free time can be used to pursue group interests (for example local trips, sports or games evenings). Of course, there is also time just to relax. Volunteers are responsible for their own cleaning and chores. One to 3 volunteers are appointed camp-leaders, does not mean, that he is organizing everything for the volunteers. In most cases the volunteers are responsible together for problem solving and decision-making at the workcamp. There are things, which volunteers cannot change like the weather (rain or sunshine). Many of the other things however can be changed by volunteers if they take the initiative. Give your suggestions. Share your thoughts with the others. Talk to your camp-leaders Let's improve together what can be improved in your workcamp.


Arrival – Departure:

You should plan to arrive at your workcamp site during the course of the first day, the last day of the workcamp is not the last working day, but the day volunteers are leaving the workcamp site, in other word, if for example the dates of your workcamp are: 15-07-2015 to 30-07-2015 the arrival day is the 1st and the departure day is the 30st of July.


The costs:

The cost is set at 180 Euros. It includes accommodation, meals, activities and materials for painting and other external expenses …

NB: The mineral water is not included in the cost.



The association organizes excursions on weekends for volunteers to discover the beauty of the country and learn its culture. Normally two tours are organized one is in the desert and sand dunes Merzouga, and the other is in Dades Gorge and Toudgha .

NB: The cost of the trips is excluded from the participation fees.



AVEC doesn't provide insurance for the volunteers, For your participation in a work camp with the organization you must make sure that you have an adequate travel insurance for the period of the work camp.



The last day of the project is not necessarily the last day of work.

If the volunteer can not attend the entire period of construction, he/she must declare it after the registration

The Association relies on the generosity of the volunteers to provide equipment and supplies for children for the last day of the site (pens, pencils…


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